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The NYAC-logo and other artwork found on the pages within this website were created by Shaun Ravens. The copyrights of these images and artwork go back to when they were first published in 1993 with the permission of Shaun Ravens. You are granted no permission or license to use, copy, distribute, download, or link to any text, images, artwork web pages or otherwise within this site without the expressed, written authorization of Shaun Ravens.

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"Borrowing" images, text, ideas or otherwise without permission is theft, clear and simple. It is the same as if you walked up to someone, pointed a gun at them and took their belongings or assaulted them. We have a serious take on what it means to be a martial artist. What do you think might happen if you tried to assault a serious martial artist?

Be forewarned. Should you choose to ignore this notice, please let us be clear, we will enforce our copyrights to the fullest extent of the law - and then some.


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