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Message - June 2010

Those who know me understand that martial arts for me is more than just training - it is life and death and everything in-between. Due to overwhelming signs from the universe I have made a decision to officially reclassify all memberships, whether they be past or present, to an "inactive" status. To be clear, training at NYAC is now only available on a one-on-one, private basis to those students that have been personally contacted and told they still have an "active" membership.

These are students who have shown that they understand that having the proper attitude at all times is upwards of 90% of the training. These are students who are both willing and able to train on a consistent basis, without excuses. These are students who have clear goals for their training and do not let life get in the way. These are students who understand that anything less than 100% is simply not enough to ensure any meaningful progress in any serious endeavor, especially in a traditional Japanese martial art.

This decision is not about excluding anyone from within the NYAC family circle. An inactive membership does not mean your membership has been cancelled or revoked. This change is about restating what it means to be an active member. An active member trains to bring about the meaningful accomplishment of one's personal goals, and does so through their Aikido training here at NYAC. If you are not one of the students whom I have already spoken with directly, but feel you can and will exhibit the qualities listed above, please contact me directly for the opportunity to reapply for active member status.

As for everyone else, I thank you for your participation over the years. I sincerely hope that you find what you were seeking when you initially contacted me, if not through Aikido, then via whatever path so moves you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason, should you ever feel the need to do so, would simply like to catch up or just even to say hello.

I can truly say I believe that as human beings we find that what we confronted in the beginning of our life we must embrace in the end. That is, like it or not, one way or another life is always about training.

Shaun Ravens

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