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NYAC - New Shodan - January 2006


NYAC private seminar with Matsuoka Sensei
December 11th 2005 - NYC, New York


NYAC Seminar with Matsuoka Sensei
NYC, New York - December 10th 2005


NYAC Human Spirit Festival with Matsuoka Sensei
Long Island, New York - October 2004

NYAC Kyu test - March 2004

Circa 2003

NYAC Misogi Room - July 2003

Aikido Schools of New Jersey - Friendship Demonstration - July, 2002
Shaun Ravens, with Uke.

Kosa Dori - Kokyu Nage

Yoko Menuchi - Yubidori Kubishime

Yoko Menuchi - Yubidori Kubishime

Morote Dori Kokyu Nage

Morote Dori - Kokyu Nage

Yoko Menuchi - Hije Jime

Feb. 2002

Yama Arashi Dojo
Westchester, NY - February 2002

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