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Student Profile - Vinney Aponte

Vinney Aponte is a long-time student who joined our group in 2003 back when the Dojo was located in Lindenhurst, NY. From day one, Vinney showed himself to be a dedicated and sincere student, the type that would benefit any dojo. It is simply not enough to say that he is committed to both the dojo and his training. As Chief Instructor, I must add that I find his selfless attitude and tireless training ethic a positive influence on everyone who comes through our door. Vinney is also a black belt level practitioner of both Tae Kwon Do and Haidong Gumdo. I must acknowledge Master Ralph Estrada for the job he is obviously doing with his own students over at Estrada Tae Kwon Do.

NYAC has gone through many changes over the past 10 years. Vinney, on the other hand has been both a constant and powerfully yet subtle presence within our group. He continues to be the consummate senpai that other students both enjoy training with, and learning from. Although he has put forth his time, effort and devotion without any thought of recognition or award of rank or favor, it has not gone unnoticed. As such, earlier this year I challenged Vinney to take his training to the next level in the same way my teacher challenged me, by sharing his thoughts and ideas about Aikido from the front of the class.

With Vinney's acceptance, I am proud to announce that he is the first student to be officially recognized as an NYAC Instructor. On a personal note, as someone whose role it is to provide guidance and direction to others, I am not just lucky to have Vinney along as my partner on the steep and arduous path of Aiki - I am eternally grateful.

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